Who Are We?

It is very important for you to know who we are! Well, we are one of the most trusted and reliable companies. We are the leading Flipkart Service Provider. We are Google Certified Partner and are well established and well-qualified trainers. Right now, we are having Number of sellers who joined our service and now their business is growing rapidly. It is surveyed that there is an increase of 164% in sales and in advertisement cost, there are 35% savings. So we are growing and your cooperation will help us to spread more love and happiness. We trust in growing long haul unions and work consumer commitment.
We have strong bonding and commitments towards our service. Our services are spread in e-commerce and digital marketing. Our customers are fully satisfied with our service and we don't give you any chance to complain. Till now there is no bad report about us. Our zealous and professionals will guide and look into this matter clearly. The nicest part of our service is that you will get best Flipkart assistance at a reasonable price and our dedicated team will surely give you the desired outcomes. So if you want us to provide our services to you, feel free to call us. Our Flipkart team will help you to guide about Flipkart sales tricks and it will also assist in accomplishing your business mark. By connecting with us, you will obviously be benefited and this way you are surely going to improve your business.

How does the Flipkart Marketplace Work

A seller can only be approved if he or she agrees with the terms and conditions of the Flipkart. They can list their own products or they can choose the products which are listed in the Flipkart already. But a seller has to choose his own price, shipping charge or if they want to give any discounts to attract the customers. For this, a seller has to get approval from the Flipkart team then the only product will be shown. The most striking feature of Flipkart is that it has its own logistics, and the seller is free to take the logistics. Flipkart will transfer the money in the sellers account after completion of all sales processes. The outstanding aspect of Flipkart is that it offers cash on delivery service and also EMI. The customers can rely fully on it.

 The services which are offered by us to the customers.

  • Advertising: We charge a nominal amount for Advertising Optimization for 3 months along with GST.
  • Catalogue: Digital Catalogue is offered by us on the basis of size and weight.
  • Portfolio: we are also offering you Portfolios so that you can easily enhance your business by impressing the customers.

Flipkart Catalogue Services

Customers are fascinated by the digital photo images, it increases sales. All sorts of important information are provided by the catalogue to you. We get rich results in our catalogue building services. By looking in the catalogue, a customer can get a full idea about the details of the product. So our catalogues are very effective. The customer can get every detail of the product like its size, its quality, its colours, everything.

Products Visibility

Until and unless you show your product visibility, you will not be able to achieve success. You have to advertise your products on some pages then only you can get a promotion. We take the responsibility of enriching your product visibility.

  • Customer Care: Customer Care service is there in case you need any assistance. You will get a quick and fast solution for your queries.
  • Online Presence: Listing of all your products are done by us. We follow all the guidelines and protocols.
  • Increase in Sales: Our service directs to increased sales targeting clients.
  • Product Launch: We advertise your products such a way that the customer can view your product directly.

What are the advantages of Flipkart Product Listing Services?

  • The buyers are in the most advantageous position. They get almost every product that too on Cash on Delivery at an affordable price. Other than that, they are also getting discounts.
  • The third-party sellers are also becoming gainer by this excellent platform. Without spending much money, they can offer their product to a larger amount of audiences. They can also list and sell their own products with their own offers.
  • The most benefited ones are e-commerce sites. They don't have to tie up with multiple manufacturers, they can easily find many manufacturers. They are expanding their products.

Frequently Asked Questions

The seller's platform is termed as Flipkart Market Place. Sellers can register here and they can make businesses, sell products, manages and deals products and obviously can do profit from here.
To be a genuine seller, you have to at the first register on www.seller.flipkart.com. After that, we have to list your selling products on the categories. If you receive an order, you have to pack it and marked it as, "ready to dispatch".
Many people are in an advantageous position due to Flipkart Marketplace. The third-party without spending much money, they can submit their products to a large number of audiences. The e-commerce sites are also benefitted because without tie-up with manufacturers, they can expand their product. The buyer can purchase materials at the cheapest rate by sitting at home.
Yes, definitely. You can trust all the products of Flipkart. But before purchasing, you can see all the product details that are mentioned there. Moreover, you can check the customer's rating and review also. This might help you in purchasing order.

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