Magento is an eCommerce platform to sell your product online.Magento ecommerce platform will help you to boost your sale whie maximizing gross margin.It will provide the company an ecommerce solutions and network support.There are Magento agency to provide you the complete support to build your store online where we are also one of them.

Magento will provide you to select 6 different type of products:-

  • Simple Products – There are no options like color and size
  • Grouped Products – simple group of products where you can only specify offers not price
  • Configurable Products – customer can select products according to their color and size before purchasing
  • Virtual Products – those which do not have physical counterpart
  • Bundled Products – Having products which cannot be sold seperately
  • Downloadable Products -Contains products which can be downloaded

We are a Magento consultant for eCommerce website. Expert Magento developers for store customization, performance, maintenance and more.