Digital Marketing

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Digital marketers job involves data analysis for gathering updates like “what is being viewed”, “How often”, “What Action Taken”, “sales conversion ratio”, “which marketing tool effective”, and required strategic changes.
Every firm small, medium and large corporate houses are putting all their marketing effort to get targeted customer traffic for their product and services. which involves investment of resources and capital. A strategically planned and targeted marketing campaign considering the need of audience (Customer) and facilitating the customer/Consumer need with the product, keeping the entire process a great customer experience will increase the customer loyalty and trust in companies brand.
My focus while planning digital marketing campaign for my client is not just derive sales volume for our product/ services but to make the entire process a great customer experience. One time sales should not be the goal of digital Marketing but is should be resales, brand awareness, building trust towards the brand, customer loyalty and Customer Experience Management. Every happy customer works like a positive brand ambassador. And word of mouth Marketing is the goal of all advertising campaign.
The Digital marketing tools and techniques helps marketers in creating campaigns which are more targeted, more product specific, targeted market place, which are supporting long term business goals and drive sales/ profit. Keeping the customer engage while the entire process taking place is also a crucial part of the digital marketing campaign planning.

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