Data Entry Management

eCommerce Business is not all about sourcing products from vendors, generating orders, dispatching goods and collecting payments.
The entire process involves huge data management for example a product can be in 5 different shades, every shade have 5 different sizes, every size have 100 inventory available,
and company is sourcing the product from 7 vendors. The price of the product will vary as per the size, shade and place of delivery.
There are different discounts are applicable for the product. This is a simple case of a product and eCommerce companies are selling thousands of such products.
which generate the need of a Data Management System.

As a Data Management Consultant my efforts are to create a Data Management System which start with Product Sourcing, Vendor Management,
Product listing, Order Generation, Order placement, Inventory Management, invoicing, goods dispatch and end up with customer feedback.
The Data gather in this entire cycle helps marketers is sales trend analysis, calculating sales conversion ratio, ROI analysis and brand management.
This data can also use for new business expansion in the target market.
Being a Data Management Consultant, i will help your organization in all data management needs.
A well planned Data Management System is a asset for every organization,
it not only provide base for marketing campaign,
help in Market Analysis but also help company in future expansion with new product or services for same Target Market/ Audience.

Our team will be involved daily process of building, maintaining and updating the store which includes :

  • Creating and adding new products
  • Uploading images for new and existing products
  • Categorization
  • Adding Meta info, product URL, discounts, manufacturer details
  • Adding options for the products
  • Adding clear product description
  • Inventory management
  • Adding and updating price, weight of products and also the bulk product importing,
With the professional experts products will be precisely organized and supervised.

We offer services with the below platforms for your data management

  • Magento
  • Big Commerce
  • Volusion
  • Shopify

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