Optmyzr was created to manage PPC accounts by automating tedious and repetitive tasks.

Features from Optmyzer:

One-click optimizations : Using this you can find new keywords and can remove waste keywords,can do automatic bidding to reach your traffic goal and conversation,remove ads which are not working and add new ads, remove unwanted placements on Google Display Network,can set your bids for better structure.

Data insights :Benefits include Budget Forecasts, Quality Score, Dayparts,N-Gram Word Clouds, Cause Charts,Geo Analysis.

Reporting :You can monitor the performance of your ppc account and you will also get notification when needed.

enhanced scripts : You can customise your account without writing the code

shopping ads tools : Optmyzr will help in creating AdWords shopping ads for Google and using bid management capabilities this google shopping tool will delivers better return on ad.

bid management : This involves quick bidding to automated hourly bidding changes